National Coalition Of 100 Black Women
Decatur-Dekalb Chapter, Inc.
Chapter Initiatives
NC100BW Decatur-DeKalb Local Program Initiatives
* Denotes National NCBW programs for all local chapters to initiate, develop, and advocate within the community
Pink & Black Ball (Breast Cancer advocates and survivors) Decatur-DeKalb Membership
CrossRoadsNews Health & Wellness Expo at the Stonecrest Mall Decatur-DeKalb Membership
Voters Registration Drive Decatur-DeKalb Membership/ Public Policy Committee
My Sisters Keeper Workshop/Seminar Economic Development Committee
Seniors Community/Children/Women's Shelter Outreach Program Decatur-DeKalb Membership
Legacy Program (Girls Leadership Program) Legacy Committee
Legislative Day (Day at the Capitol) Public Policy Committee/ Decatur-DeKalb Membership
* HIV/AIDS Health Awareness Day (Testing Day) Wellness Committee
Cancer Disparities Wellness Committee
* Teen Pregnancy (Unplanned Pregnancy) Wellness Committee
* Prevention/Intervention and Elimination of Bullying (Cyber Bullying) Education Committee
* Increasing Family Engagement & Parental Involvement in the Schools Parent Empowerment Committee
* Childhood Obesity (Raise awareness of the obesity epidemic & related diseases through public forums and education Wellness Committee
* Financial Literacy (Provide information and other resources related to financial literacy to women)/("My Sisters Keeper") Economic Development Committee
Black Entrepreneurship & Employment Fair (Help increase wisdom and sustain viable life-styles, employment, & entrepreneurship opportunities) Economic Development Committee
* Housing Stability (Increase knowledge and resources on housing, foreclosure assistance, and real estate choices) Economic Development Committee
Feeding the Homeless Decatur-Dekalb Membership
Men's Health (Prostate Screenings) Wellness Committee
STEM and Mentoring Education Committee
Human Trafficking Community Outreach Committee
Education Committee Decatur-Dekalb Membership
Affordable Care Act (Health Forum and Enrollment) Wellness Committee
Sister Nomic$s Economic Empowerment Committee